In our view, without a clear strategic view and understanding of where your life is currently as well as where you would like it to be in the future; being able to deal with the individual aspects of life collectively becomes difficult. For this reason, understanding and dealing with all the elements together makes the most sense and provides for an optimal allocation of time, money and resources to the areas that need attention.


This is where it all starts. Without positive cash flow, there are no funding mechanisms for other goals. The first step to financial planning is to understand what is coming in by way of income, what is going out via expenses and whether or not there is anything left over in the end. If the cash flow is zero or negative before other goals are funded, budgeting must be addressed.

Cash flow

It’s not only about what you make, it’s all what you keep. Proper tax planning can actually free-up resources to help fund other goals. Tax laws change nearly every year, which is why it is important to review your tax return with your planner to see if there are adjustments that can be made in order to help save money and/or fund financial planning objectives.


Ultimately having peace of mind that we have made smart choices up to retirement and optimizing what we will have, so that our investment assets cater for our desired lifestyle and goals in retirement.


Taking control of one’s finances is the beginning of the journey to financial freedom. Having a clear view of the life you want to lead now and in the future, should be the foundation on which an appropriate investment strategy is implemented. This strategy encompasses all aspects of one’s life, from holidays, to replacing vehicles or paying for education.


Ensuring that your affairs, investments and businesses are appropriately structured to maximize protection, ensure optimization of tax within structures and successfully transfer your wealth from one generation to the next.

Risk management

The protection of wealth against risks and analysis of appropriate insurances at appropriate levels. Risk cover includes areas such as medical, short-term, death, disability and dread disease.


Inter-generational wealth transfer is the process of moving one’s assets to others during life and at death, in an effective and tax efficient manner.

Wills and estate planning


Finlink is licenced by the Financial Services Board as an independent financial planning practice. We adhere to the principal of Treating the Client Fairly (TCF). We fully disclose our fee structure and sources of remuneration in all instances, which are all subject to VAT.

There is no flat fee for service and fees are dependent upon services that we deliver as described hereunder, including:

  • Rendering of financial planning and the relevant advice associated with such planning
  • Facilitation and implementation of solutions with financial services providers
  • Review of implemented plans in accordance with the requirements of each client.
  • Co-ordination of other areas of professional expertise in the structuring, implementing and monitoring of financial plans.
  • Ongoing review, monitoring and adaption of financial plans.

The initial introductory meeting to our services does not carry a charge, however, should agreement be reached that Finlink proceed with the financial planning process, fees will be agreed to and charged according to our standard fee structure, thereafter.

Should a financial plan be developed by Finlink and not subsequently implemented through Finlink, a minimum fee of R5,000.00 (Five Thousand Rand) plus VAT, will be invoiced and become payable for the advice and preparation of the strategic financial plan.

Finlink’s services are, as a general rule, only available to persons who are committed to our financial planning process and who are comfortable paying fees in respect of the professional financial service provided. Any deviation from the above will be entirely at Finlink’s discretion.

Fees are subject to change from time to time, are reviewed with our clients annually and clients are informed should changes occur.